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Foster with us!

By fostering with Sanctuary Rescue, you have the opportunity to help save puppies and dogs with all expenses paid! 

What does it mean to foster?

We always have a dire need for foster homes.  When you foster a rescue dog, you save two lives:  the life of your foster that is now able to leave the shelter and the life of the dog who will take its place.  There is no feeling quite like knowing that you directly saved a life (or two!).  We always have a need for puppy fosters.  In general, puppies are only in their foster home for approximately two to four weeks.  So, this is a fun easy way to get some great puppy snuggles and kisses while we pay all the expenses. Sanctuary Rescue feels that fostering is a team effort, so we are here to support you throughout your entire fostering journey. If puppies aren't your thing, there are plenty of adult dogs of all sizes and shapes that would love to have a safe, warm foster home.  If fostering a homeless dog is something you would love to do, please submit a foster application. 

Submit an application today to become a foster!

What Our Fosters Say

“I love the community of Sanctuary Rescue's fosters! Whenever I have a question, there's someone there to answer it; whenever I have a vacation planned, there's someone to fill in fostering for me; whenever I'm excited that my foster dog found a forever home, there's someone there to celebrate with me!"
"Foster pups make great temporary house guests! It's a fun project the whole family can participate in and there aren't many things better than puppy snuggles. SR is the most supportive rescue I've ever fostered with!"
"The people at SR just felt like family the very first time I met them. The way they treat each other and the way they treat all the dogs in their care is second to none. I’m so proud to be a part of Sanctuary Rescue."
“I feel like Sanctuary Rescue really supports their fosters well with everything from supplies, veterinary appointments, and clear guidelines about how the process should work.”
"I always thought it would be too hard to give up my foster when they were adopted. A friend challenged me to look at it in a different way: "When a foster finds a forever home, a spot in MY home opens up to help save another shelter dog." It worked! I am usually sad to see them go, but that pales in comparison to the happiness that comes with knowing the dog gets a wonderful forever home!"

To join our wonderful team of fosters, view the foster tab!

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