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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our organization.  There are several ways to help.



  • We always have a dire need for foster homes.  When you foster a rescue dog, you save two lives:  the life of your foster that is now able to leave the shelter and the life of the dog who will take its place.  There is no feeling quite like knowing that you directly saved a life (or two!).  We always have a need for puppy fosters.  In general puppies are only in their foster home for approximately one to three weeks.  So this is a fun easy way to get some great puppy snuggles and kisses while we pay all the expenses!  If puppies aren't your thing, there are plenty of adult dogs of all sizes and shapes that would love to have a safe, warm foster home.  If fostering a homeless dog is something you would love to do, click here for a foster application.


  • Screening applications and conducting home visits is another important piece to our rescue puzzle.  They are vital to ensure that our dogs go to the very best forever homes.  Screening applications can be done from just about anywhere in the country, so if you've always wanted to help but weren't close by, this is a great way to make a difference.  We also need people that can help us do home visits all across the state of Virginia.  If you are available to help with the home visit process, please fill out the form below and let us know what area you could cover, and we will add you to our database of home-visit volunteers.


  • Whenever we take adoptable dogs to adoption events, we can always use an extra set of hands (or five!).  Volunteering at adoption events is a great way to get enjoy some fresh air, get some big sloppy kisses and help rescue dogs find their forever homes.  Adoption events are always on the weekend and usually only last a couple of hours.


  • Things!  We always need things:  old blankets, sheets and towels for doggie bedding, old newspapers, dog food, dog bowls, puppy piddle pads, crates, leashes, collars, etc.  If Petsmart or Petco sells it, chances are we need it!  And you would be surprised at how excited we get over someone's old used linens.  Perhaps you could organize a dog food drive or a clean-out-your-linen-closet blanket drive among your friends and family to help us stay stocked on essential supplies.  We are very grateful for any and all donated items.


  • Have a special gift or talent that we haven't mentioned but you think might help us like marketing, web design, crafts, etc?  If so, we'd love to hear all about it!

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