Goosie started it, now our rescue puppies in socks are carrying on the Sanctuary Rescue calendar tradition.  Of course there will be some Goosie sprinkled throughout 2022, but we let some new recruits help us out with our rescue calendar this year.  They put on some socks, some clocks, some frocks, hung out with a fox, by a toolbox, and well, here you have it, Folks, puppies doing all the things while keeping their tootsies warm!  This is a perfect gift for the person that has everything, and you're supporting a great cause along the way!  Shipping costs are built into the price of the calendar, so that is not an additional expense at checkout, however if you would like to upgrade to Premium Shipping through UPS as an upgrade, you can choose that as an add-on.

2022 Rescue Puppy Calendar

  • Here's the deal, we're a little rescue just trying to raise a couple of bucks so we can keep saving puppies.  Your donation in the amount listed by each item gets you that item as a thank you.  We aren't selling you t-shirts; we're incentivizing donations.  Brilliant!  As such, donations can't be returned or refunded.  We are reasonable people, though, and we don't want you to be unhappy, so if you have an issue with your order, simply shoot us an email to and we'll do our very best to make you happy.  Please read each product description thoroughly for details of each product.  Just like our puppies, we will describe each item truthfully, honestly, and to the best of our ability.  We will ship everything the first week of December 2021 via United States Postal Service.  We are covering the cost of standard shipping; however, if you don't have a ton of confidence in the Postal Service around the holidays, you may add on Premium Shipping via UPS for an extra $15.