Goosie calendars were the greatest gift given and received in 2019, and we decided we couldn't let that end!  Our love for The Goose runs strong, and there are thousands of unseen photos of her, so a 2020 calendar was an obvious choice.  Last year's Goosie calendar was beautiful and funny and amazingly done, and we hope this year will be all of those things and more.  We've been working hard to honor her perfectly with this 2020 calendar, and we can't wait for you to see the pictures and read the stories and feel her with you every time you look at your Goosie calendar.Love you like a meatball.#goosieforever(Please note, this is NOT a picture of the actual calendar)

2020 Goosie Calendar

  • No returns, because who can keep up with that?!?  Calendars are in exchange for a $16 donation to Sanctuary Rescue, no givebacks on donations.  But if you have any issues with your order, please email and we will do everything we can to try to make it right.  We love you all like a meatball after all.