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Sanctuary Rescue isn't just any rescue.  We pride ourselves on high-quality care of each and every dog that we take in.  We have very high standards, not only for our adopters, but for each of our fosters, volunteers and directors as well.  Our fosters are well-trained, well-supported, dog-savvy animal lovers that include licensed veterinary technicians, certified veterinary assistants, a dog trainer, a dog midwife, bottle feeders with decades of experience and many other professionals.


As a rescue that specializes in saving pregnant dogs and dogs with young, nursing puppies from shelters, we've aided in the delivery of countless litters and understand how important the first weeks are in a puppy's life.  Our mama dogs are fed an unlimited diet of high-quality dog food and are put on a regimen of vitamins and supplements.  From the minute each dog arrives in our care, we make it a priority to give it every chance at the healthiest, happiest life possible.

Sanctuary Rescue also has significant experience with helping orphaned puppies - puppies whose mother died immediately after birth or who are sick and unable to feed them for whatever reason.  Several of our fosters are experts in bottle feeding, tube feeding and syringe feeding newborn puppies.  We understand better than anyone the commitment it takes to make sure that puppies that arrive at just hours old are kept warm, clean and fed around the clock.  We know the importance of painstakingly charting their growth and development each and every day to ensure that they are thriving.


Sanctuary Rescue also puts a great deal of emphasis on proper puppy socialization and development.  The cornerstone to raising a friendly, well-adjusted dog is healthy, positive socialization and stimulation.  We make sure our puppies have plenty of play time, exercise and enrichment.  Even once the puppies are weaned or in the case of our orphaned, bottle-fed puppies, we make sure they are raised in foster homes with adult dogs so that they continue learning their puppy manners with other well-behaved dogs as role models.  Many of our foster homes have other dogs, cats and children, so that the puppies can learn and develop with a variety of experiences. 

And although we love whelping and raising puppies, we really love our adult dogs, too.  We understand that often it is the older dogs that are overlooked in shelters but are just as deserving of wonderful, loving homes.  We give our adult dogs the same love and attention, medical care, high-quality nutrition, exercise and opportunity for socialization as we do our growing puppies.  Our goal for every dog we take into rescue, big and small, young and old, is to save them from euthanasia at a shelter, to get them vaccinated, microchipped, spayed or neutered, show them love and safety, teach them basic manners and get them adopted into the most perfect forever family for them.  Only the best for Sanctuary Rescue pets!

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